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Buyer's Guide

Ensure to read our Buyer's Guide below before purchasing a Sweet Pea Souls product. 

Also, make sure to review our size charts by clicking below.

1.0  PAYMENT & Currency

1.1  Payment

Sweet Pea Souls accepts payments made by major credit/debit cards on our website at checkout.  We are also accept Afterpay.  

1.2  Currency 

Sweet Pea Souls is an Australian-based company and our product prices are listed on our website in AUD.  If you are purchasing from overseas, make sure to change the currency option at the top of the page to the currency of the country you are based in. 


2.1  Domestic Shipping (Australia)

Sweet Pea Souls is thrilled to offer FREE domestic standard shipping across Australia.

2.2  Worldwide Shipping

Sweet Pea Souls ships worldwide.  A fee of $30 AUD will be added to your cart to cover the shipping costs if you reside outside of Australia. 


Custom taxes, duties, and/or levies must be paid by the customer.  Sweet Pea Souls has no control over these fees and they vary by country.  Sweet Pea Souls will not pay shipping related taxes, duties, and/or levies.   


Your garment will be inspected, steamed, and carefully wrapped in our signature tissue paper and placed inside of durable box.  Your parcel will include your selected garment, matching accessories, and a Sweet Pea Souls white hanger.  In an effort to reduce plastic waste, our garments do not come with garment bags. 


Once your order is successfully placed online, your Sweet Pea Souls order will be processed and your order will ship within five (5) business days.  


We do not allow our items to go on backorder.  What this means is that if you can order it on our website, then it is guaranteed to be in stock, in Adelaide, South Australia.  Sweet Pea Souls products are never pre-ordered or drop-shipped - both extremely frustrating.  We carry stock in our Adelaide, South Australia warehouse.  


Sweet Pea Souls sizes information can be found here. 

8.0  Quality

Sweet Pea Souls inspects every item in your order before your order is shipped.  However, if a quality problem arises, you must notify Sweet Pea Souls via email within seven (7) business days of receiving your tracked order. 

8.1  Quality Concerns

Below is a list of quality 'concerns' that may pose an inconvenience, but are not considered a quality 'problem.'

  • Strings:  If you see a string hanging off a Sweet Pea Souls product, carefully clip it with a pair of sharp scissors.  If the product begins unravel, see section '8.2 Genuine Quality Problems' below. 

  • Water soluble pen marks:  Our team of dressmakers may use a water soluble pen to mark patterns or button locations.  The marks should be removed before prior to arriving at your store.  However, if a mark has been overlooked, you may remove it by simply placing a drop of water on the pen mark.  The pen mark should disappear without rubbing or scrubbing.  If not, see section '8.2 Genuine Quality Problems' below. 

  • Lace placement:  Our gowns are made entirely by hand, therefore each gown is slightly unique.  The lace placement on one gown may vary slightly from another gown in the same or different batches.  

8.2  Genuine Quality Problems

Genuine quality problems are extremely rare, but taken very seriously. 

Below are examples of genuine quality 'problems:'

  • Marks or stains, excluding water soluble pen marks

  • Tears or holes

  • Unravelling seams or lacework

  • Misshapen booties

If you discover a genuine quality problem, we sincerely apologise.  Make sure to contact notify Sweet Pea Souls within seven (7) business days and clearly describe the defects – photos are helpful.  If you do not notify us within the seven (7) business day timeframe, we can not help you.  Sorry, no exceptions. 


8.3  Resolution 

At Sweet Pea Souls, we take the relationship with our customers very seriously and we commit to working with you to resolve quality problems.  Quality problems are investigated and resolved on a case-by-case basis.  A representative from Sweet Pea Souls may contact you to discuss the problem further.

Sweet Pea Souls does not offer refunds, however we may resolve the problem by offering:

  • An exchange, when possible, for the same product in the same size, and only once the defective product has been returned to Sweet Pea Souls.

  • A store credit.

9.0  Returns & Exchanges

Sweet Pea Souls permits customers to return and/or exchange an item for the following reasons only:

  • Incorrect size

  • Genuine quality problem

If you plan on exchanging a gown, place a NEW order online immediately so that you are not waiting to received your exchanged items.  Alternatively, you may wait for us to receive your returned item, but please note that you second item will not ship until we have received and inspected the first.  

9.1  Returns

Return postage must be paid by the customer.  We encourage our customers to insure the returned Sweet Pea Souls items in with the postal service.  Sweet Pea Souls is not responsible for items lost in the postal service.

Prior to exchanging your item, Sweet Pea Souls must have:

  • Received the original gown and all of the associated accessories

  • Inspected the gown and accessories to ensure they are in ‘brand new condition’ (see below).

  • Received the $20 postage fee for the exchanged item's shipping.  We are happy to cover the outgoing postage on your first order for free ('Free Shipping').  However, if you return a gown and Sweet Pea Souls has to post a second parcel, we will charge a shipping fee of $20.  BSB details will be provided to transfer the $20. 


9.2  Brand New Condition:

We only accept returns and exchange for gown sets that are in ‘brand new condition.’  Brand new condition means:

  • The gown or accessories has NOT been worn.

  • The gown or accessories have NOT been washed or dry cleaned.

  • The gown or accessories are in the original packaging with ALL tags attached.

  • There are NO marks, stains, smells, or damage to the gown or accessories. 

9.3  Refunds

On the rare occasion that we do not have a product to exchange or the size you require, we may consider offering a refund.  Once Sweet Pea Souls has received the returned item, it will take approximately 5-7 business day for the refund to be processed.  It may take an additional 2-3 days before the refund is reflected on your account. 


The original shipping costs:

  • $20 AUD, that that Sweet Pea Souls covered for free; or

  • $40 AUD for international shipping

Will not be refunded. 

Sweet Pea Souls does not issue refunds for a change of mind. 

Didn't find what you were looking for?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. 

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