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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to commonly asked questions.  If you do not find the answer to your question below, kindly email us.  Our customer service team is always happy to assist. 

1.  What is included with the purchase of a Sweet Pea Souls gown?

Your Sweet Pea Souls purchase includes the selected garment, matching accessories, and a Sweet Pea Souls white hanger.  In an effort to reduce plastic waste, our garments do not come with garment bags. 

2.  What sizes do your gown come in and how do I measure my child to ensure a proper fit?

Sweet Pea Souls sizing information can be found here. 

3.  What textiles are used in manufacturing a Sweet Pea Souls gown?

At Sweet Pea Souls, our small team of seamstresses sew our garments by hand using the highest quality textiles and intricate lace.  Many of our laces contain embroidery, beading, and/or sequins woven on to tulle.  Underneath the outer lace, but before the lining, we use additional tulle in our gowns to build fullness.  Some of our designs are manufactured using our popular heavy mikado fabric.  All of our garments come with a Care Instruction tag sewn in.  The tag includes the textile composition for that particular style. 


At Sweet Pea Souls, we believe only natural fibres should touch your baby's delicate skin.  All of our gowns are lined with 100% cotton fabric.  We do not use polyester lining in our gowns.  

4.  How should I care for my Sweet Pea Souls gown?

All of our garments come with a care instruction tag attached.  The outer lace used on our gowns should not be ironed, however, you may use an iron to press the 100% cotton lining.  When ironing, always start by using the lowest heat setting.  Place a piece of natural fibre cloth over your gown when pressing. 


Please leave the cleaning to the experts and only dry clean your Sweet Pea Souls gown!

5.  There is a small pen mark on my gown.  What should I do?

If you purchase a Sweet Pea Souls garment and find a small pen mark on your gown, do not worry!  It is most likely from a water-soluble pen used by our dressmakers to mark patterns or button locations.  Water-soluble pen marks remove easily by simply placing a drop of water on the pen mark.  The pen mark should disappear without rubbing or scrubbing. 


If the water soluble pen mark does not easily remove, then:

  • If you purchased from a stockist, immediately notify the retailer and Sweet Pea Souls will work with them to replace/exchange your garment; or

  • If you purchased from our online store, follow the instructions in our Buyer's Guide to return/exchange your garment.  


We sincerely apologise if you purchase a garment with a water-soluble pen mark.  Sweet Pea Souls strives to ensure these are removed, however, occasionally they are overlooked. 


6.  The garment I purchased looks slightly different from the picture and/or video on Instagram.  Why?

Our garments are made entirely by hand, therefore each creation is slightly unique - lucky you!  The lace placement on one gown may vary slightly from another gown in the same or different batches.  

7.  The outer lace on my gown is not hemmed.  Why?

Tulle, in its natural state, does not fray.  The only reason a dressmaker would hem a fabric is to prevent fraying.  Many of Sweet Pea Souls laces contain beading, and/or sequins woven directly on to tulle.  When high quality lace is woven, each bead is attached individually and knotted into place.  The beadwork and sequins sewn on to a Sweet Pea Souls gown will not fall off.  It is unnecessary and unsightly to put stitch lines through the hem of high quality beaded tulle.  Lower quality laces would require hemming because the beadwork will slide straight off the gown!

Some gowns (e.g. Gemma Gown) have heavy embroidery towards the hem of the gown.  Embroidery is made up of individual threads and it will fray unless it is hemmed, therefore the Gemma Gown is hemmed.  

Cotton fabric will fray.  Our cotton lining is always hemmed, as is any gown made with mikado fabric. 

8.  Why is the rear of the skirt left open?

Sweet Pea Souls gowns are designed with a rear open skirt.  The gown's bodice closes in the rear with pearl buttons, however, we have chosen to design our gowns with the skirt open in the rear.  A rear open skirt allows the person holding the child to wrap their arms around the baby without covering the beautiful gown.  Typically, the person holding the child will place one arm in-between the baby's legs and the other around its waist from under the skirt.  This allows your photographer to capture the wide spread of the gown's glamorous skirt without the carer's arms blocking the gown.  Often the child is photographed in a highchair.  Without an open skirt, this would be impossible in a long gown.

9.  My child is walking and the gown is too long.  Does Sweet Pea Souls offer alteration services?

Sweet Pea Souls does not offer alternation services.  However, closing the rear of the gown and having the dress hemmed is a relatively easy alteration.  Simply call your local alternations expert and ask them what they would charge to insert a zipper into the rear skirt, sew it closed, and hem it to the desired length.   

10.  My child is walking.  Are the Sweet Pea Souls matching booties suitable?  

If you child is walking, we recommend that you purchase hard-soled shoes for your child.  Sweet Pea Souls booties are fabric-soled shoes, called 'crib shoes.'  Crib shoes are not meant to be worn by children who are walking.  Made of delicate lace, our fabric booties will tear if your child walks in them on rough surfaces. 

11.  I have a quality concern with the gown I received.  What is your return policy?

Please read our Buyer's Guide to learn about returning/exchanging a gown.

12.  Where can I find shipping information?

Please read our Buyer's Guide to learn about our shipping options.

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