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Sweet Pea Souls designs garments in three Australian sizes, 00, 0, and 1.  Babies are all unique and grow at different rates.  Minor alternations may be required to ensure a perfect fit on your baby.  When in doubt, always choose a larger size and have the garment altered.  


Always measure your child!  Do not rely solely upon the age ranges listed in our size charts as they are not always accurate.  

How to Measure

Chest Circumference

The chest circumference of our gowns is the same as the chest circumference of our rompers.  Measure across the widest point of the chest, under the armpits (measurement A below) all the way around the body.  This measurement is the chest circumference.  Add additional length for ‘wiggle room’ to ensure the baby is comfortable.  We suggest adding an additional 4cm to the chest circumference measurement (2cm allowed on each side) for wiggle room.  Consider adding further length to this measurement if the event in further in the future and you suspect the baby will grow.

Example:  Baby's chest circumference is 46 cm4 cm for extra room = 50 cm - Size 0 (see chart below)

When in doubt, or if your child is in-between sizes, size up!  Our garments run slightly on the smaller side. 


Romper Length

Measured from the lowest point in the collar to the crotch of the romper (measurement B below) when the romper is laid flat.  Remember to allow extra room in the romper length for the bulkiness of the baby's nappy.

Gown's Skirt Lengths & Robe Lengths

Sweet Pea Souls gown's skirt lengths and robes lengths, are long, far past the baby’s feet.  Each gown's skirt length and robe length varies depending on the style.  The approximate length of the gown's skirt or robe can be found under the description for the particular style. 


Babies feet come in all shapes and sizes.  Sweet Pea Souls booties come in an average size (see size chart below) for the baby's age range; however, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Our booties are designed to be very snug so that the child cannot kick off the booties.  Kindly note that the booties that come with your garment may not suit your child's feet perfectly.  Alternations may be required, or alternatively, you may need to purchase additional shoes.  

Bonnets, Bloomers, & Headbands

Sweet Pea Souls bonnets, bloomers, and headbands are made with elastic.  These items are very stretchy.  

Size Charts

Romper Transparent_edited.png



Sweet Pea Souls Size

Child's Age

Guide Only







Child's Age

Guide Only

Sweet Pea Souls Size



Length of Sole

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The measurements listed in the size charts above reflect garments manufactured in 2023 forward.  Prior to 2023, Sweet Pea Souls used different patterns.  Older stock may not be accurately reflected in this size chart.  Always verify with your local stockist to ensure accurate sizing.  

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